Friday, June 17


in the bed with a broken heart,
we do things,
things that shows how frustration you are,
u drink a glass of wine,
u smile to everyone,
but u smile because,
it is the closes thing to cry.
all the years,
this is the first time you cry.
don't forget my love, 
the love is everywhere, 
just smile even it hurts,
smile even u know u gonna cried.
don't afraid to smile and cry, 
u are not losing you guardian angle,
u are not losing you magic,
love is everywhere,
love is magic.
love make u cry, laugh and make u do stuff. 



means that u can find love,
but u have to take the risk. 
not once, not twice,
you know,
you heart is on bet.
being in love,
seems like gambling,
not with money, 
but nowadays,
being heartbroken is normal,
being lucky,
lucky for being in love,
with right guy.
you need him,
he needs you,
but one of us leave other behind.
some are begging,
some let the go,
it doesn't means that you desperate, 
it just shows you,
you love him more that he can ever think of.
always be by your side,
be with you no matter what,
is a random thing to hear.
what rarely hear n known, 
if all the words came out,
is true.
babe don't run away from me,
i know and you know,
we need each other,
don't run away, 
the only love i knew, 
is you.
hold me tight, 
don't let go.
let faith do its work,
we do us. 
forget what people say,
hear what your heart needs to say.
time pass away fast,
with you,
i wish where ever i been,
i wish i get to shared w you.
i love the way you are,
not the way people wants you to be,
my work is, 
love you and stay with you.
all i had right now,
is you.
p/s : i love  you no matter what. 
       jiwang eh. ;)

Friday, June 10

hows to blame and what to blame

i don't really care whose fault it is or how mistake it was. i just if do it is my mistake, don't text me like u are mad. i'm not there with you so i don't know how it goes and sound of the text. i'm here reading your text, u seems mad. why, the first text u seems happy but in the end when i tell u something like bad. it sounds kindda mad. i don't really care if it is my mistake, just say but in a good way. not yelling to me. i'm a big fat liar so don't get close to me. i'm a big fat liar. who am i to you? lamak tok pande gilak nyakit ati syg. );