Wednesday, September 5

Mostly. Seriously, ignore the title. Look, 5th September 2012. The day that i might be or might not seeing them in another time. Kindda big lost for me, actually. Being with them is fun but important is, every student who study like far from their parents or whatever kindda sort of might have been a hole in their heart. Loneliness. Emptiness. Before I even met this guys, I might be never gonna know how student life in another place like technically, bored, study. With them, it's like they made a whole new meaning of fun. Not just hanging out together but I don't know. Long story short, I love them like mah famalia. You know? 'AmmarOmar, ShahruNizam, MuhdAkmal, AzharSoo, Jaja, Nell, Mira and Wan. So, they are fun. Do you understand? LOL
Muhammad'AmmarBinOmar. Love of my life. Nampak, start jiwang nyaaaa~ Some, people look at us like I don't know. Seriously, Look at my face do you see that I care much? *troll face* Being with him is another story but now is about how the fuck am I gonna control myself not to cry because I use to like before I went to bed, I see his face. When I'm in bed, he kiss me and hug and say I love you you me. When I woke up, the first person I wanna see is him. And just say I love you to him every single day. And now, I'm like so far from his arms, his kiss, his smell, his face. Yea, got technology. pfffttt~ Not enough. Understand? Now what? Why must everything have to do with money? All I want is him. Fuck. I need him like literally. I wanna eat with him, I wanna have fun with him. I wanna spent my whole life with him.