Saturday, April 23

loved by him

i love you mohamad zulharizan. u are my only. i know lately we have been through ups and down relationship. and i want you to know that i love you no matter what. 

this is how i felt about you. i'm really falling in love with you even though two of us are really stubborn. hehe. i love you so much. 

Thursday, April 21

everybody change

including me. i'm changing. i don't know if it is bad or good. what i know, what i see is what i wrote. like this, everybody change. everyone i know and i friend with is changing. even him. like, everyone i know is changed. i don't know if it is bad to them or good. i don't know. what i know, from the person i close with is change. but he ask me. i'm really disappointed of his attitude. my bad ass he knows, his bad ass he really doesn't know. if i say, he's gonna ask who start this fight. what start the fight is i can't barely handle if the person i love like bullying me. and the person i trust, setakat abu-abu ajak. i'm sick of people like unrespect me. bullying me. i know i'm short so whatever, but don't treat me this way. --'

Sunday, April 17

where's my luck?

where's my lucky charm now? where's am i now? where the heck i am now? who the hell is him? where's me? where's him? who am i? who is he?

i want my charm back. charm that i see months ago. charm that i see that evening? where is it? i want it back. why? i ask you why. why every time we meet each other, only that moment i feel happy. why every time we meet, on the same day at night, we fight? why every time we fight, i'm the one that cried. why?

like you said, i was looking for attention.but for me, it wasn't me looking for it. i just looking for the person that i used to know by fighting with you. i know it's against the law. if this still goes on, just meet up. don't go back home or leave each other even just for a second.

foolish me. i'm the one who make this mess.

Friday, April 15

my blog, my picture. NOT YOUR BUSINESS

i don't care if you wanna be my follower or not. i don't ask or push you to read my blog. what you read in this fucking blog, just stay there. do get it people business. understand that bitch? i don't really care who the fuck are you or important you are to me. you tell my story or even my picture is very hard for you to handle, then.
Y O U  A R E  N O T   W E L C O M E  H E R E

who you think you are tell my story to someone else. why? your life it too perfect not to tell to everyone? huh?? fuck you lah. you read my story stay there. don't make it very hard. is that hard for you to shut the fuck up? why? i'm only asking to be my follower if you W A N T. i don't even push you to be one.

M I N D   Y O U R   O W N   B U S I N E S S !

Tuesday, April 12

what's on my mind?

let me think just for a sec. me done updating my blog. i was waiting for him skype me or even online just for a little while and i called him. and guess what? it doesn't worth. haish. i don't care and i don't even wanna mad at him. just let him be. i know he with his friends. but i guess friends more important. i think. well, i don't care. today is my very unhappy day. wanna know why? because even it's raining outside and i'm sick. it sucks and heart broken when you axious ly waiting for him, and you excited ly called him. and he just said sorry. oyeah! chill fiqah. let him be. i trust him and just let him be. i think. i wait and i wait. doesn't worth it.

my fault. always giving myself a hope that myself know randomly happen.

p/s : i love you.