Tuesday, April 12

what's on my mind?

let me think just for a sec. me done updating my blog. i was waiting for him skype me or even online just for a little while and i called him. and guess what? it doesn't worth. haish. i don't care and i don't even wanna mad at him. just let him be. i know he with his friends. but i guess friends more important. i think. well, i don't care. today is my very unhappy day. wanna know why? because even it's raining outside and i'm sick. it sucks and heart broken when you axious ly waiting for him, and you excited ly called him. and he just said sorry. oyeah! chill fiqah. let him be. i trust him and just let him be. i think. i wait and i wait. doesn't worth it.

my fault. always giving myself a hope that myself know randomly happen.

p/s : i love you.