Thursday, December 22


Sometimes you just can't hope for something that you yourself doesn't know whether i will or will not gonna be yours. You just can't. I've waited for you like a month even though i had crushes. I still waited and hoping that you will coming back. But, at the end. It just another breakdown. It doesn't worth. No matter even i change or whatever it is. No matter how hard i have tried to take you back, it just breaks me down. What you did was the biggest mistake ever. You shouldn't ask me to wait for you. God! It just when i'm trying to fight for someone that i care but i have no chance at all. It just mess. Trash i guess. It just, IT KILLS dude. Even i cried, it wouldn't change the situation. What you did to just now, it just make this situation harder than ever. I LOVE YOU there's no doubt about it. But i can't replied it back to you. You are hers now not mine. I'm sorry NASIR. I know action speaks louder than words. But what else i'm gonna do? Waited for another breakdown? I miss you. I miss the way you hug me, the way you make laugh, the look in your face when you are mad, the kiss. I just miss saying, 'I LOVE YOU, B' 

First of all, i just wanna say that I LOVE YOU, MOHAMMAD NASIRUDDIN. But, everything wonderful must come to an end. I can't promised you anything because i don't want any breakdown anymore. I love you but i can't. Not now. After all that had happen, i gave up. GOD! Goddamn! The frustrating taking over me i can't think. damn. What can i say? I love you but i guess we are not meant to be. Shit. Do what you got to do. I'm stepping back. I'm sorry. I can't hope that you will coming back. Turning back to her is a good thing, i guess. Just turn back with her and what she say. pfft. This is stupid. I LOVE YOU. End of story. 

Damn. Do it has to be this way? I'm sorry i called her that. What else i can say? People talk. They talk, i hear. They know like everything bout her. She do this that bla bla bla. I'm so freaking upset i can't barely looking at your face. I'm sorry Nasir. I had to let you go. 

Saturday, December 17


From here, all the memories the adventure the fun all the stuff when a teenager want their life to be remembered. There's a few photos but i tried to dig more. It's started when i got my fixie. I know F.I.X.I.E become this current issue lately. But what the heck. At least i having fun with my friends. At least i got story to tell to my children. HAHA Let the imagination run wild babe. Here goes.

There's all the riders. From the age of 12 until i don't know. Now, M y Y F i x i e have 100++ members. I'm so proud of them ;D

Here's some of us. The photographer is the newest member at that time. 

Uned, Safuaan and Fiqri. I guess.

Nadia and Zaty Jaret ;D

Naser and Zaty. Akibat hujan lebat melanda, ya mcm ya muka. HAHAHA

Mael and Liyana. Muka yana main peranan.

All the picture i shown, i shows that All The Riders Don't Give A Shit what people gonna think. We enjoy our life not ruining it. We run free. Other than smoking, chilling, telling someone bout our sad story. We ride just to get loose. So, think before you judge the riders. Every riders have their own story. Alright?