Thursday, December 22


First of all, i just wanna say that I LOVE YOU, MOHAMMAD NASIRUDDIN. But, everything wonderful must come to an end. I can't promised you anything because i don't want any breakdown anymore. I love you but i can't. Not now. After all that had happen, i gave up. GOD! Goddamn! The frustrating taking over me i can't think. damn. What can i say? I love you but i guess we are not meant to be. Shit. Do what you got to do. I'm stepping back. I'm sorry. I can't hope that you will coming back. Turning back to her is a good thing, i guess. Just turn back with her and what she say. pfft. This is stupid. I LOVE YOU. End of story. 

Damn. Do it has to be this way? I'm sorry i called her that. What else i can say? People talk. They talk, i hear. They know like everything bout her. She do this that bla bla bla. I'm so freaking upset i can't barely looking at your face. I'm sorry Nasir. I had to let you go.