Thursday, March 7

Yea, what I meant by the title up there. Yes, no one have the right to get moody all the sudden without like any reason. What are they? Insane? I know. I become all moody all the sudden because I'm desperate to find money so that, even though i'm like broke, no one knows. And now, im stuck between my stupid bills and the tickets. It just, I wanna say it to you, but i'm scared that you will be more upset. Like, everything have to goody-goody words. And i'm not that type. When I'm mad, all i want to do, I curse. Curse curse. What I mean by cursing is like f*ck. Like even i'm just using the f*ck word to describe how mad i am towards other stuff and you take that as the reason for you to upset. For now, all I want is you to be my friend. Not my boyfriend. Can't you see it? How can I express it you when you can't noticed when i want you to be my friend and my soul mate. I'm just stressed out dude. Yea, like one time i'm using dude. It just a word. doesn't mean anything, and what did you do? i just, heart break when i just want to use that word just to express those fucking feelings. and yea,with this attitude, you shouldnt be with me.