Tuesday, April 23


I have phone also didn't do good to me. I rather see my phone being smashed or already like broken into pieces. You see, I have phone, nothing good. Except, you can get in touch or something. But other than that, make my life easier? No. Make my life worst. Just about I'm wanna use this fancy phone really high-tech, got problem. Have to send to technician check how's my phone. Since I bought it, I only use it like few months. And I send it to the store back and now it's about a month now. So yeah. Got sial or something. If I know that gonna be happen to me, I never bought that stupid phone. Rather being called old-fashioned bitch than got messed up my own head. This and that. lalalala Really stupid actually. I hate my life. I hate my phone. I hate everything around me. Even my laptop I'm using right now, got problem. Really messed up. Stupid. Fed up. I literally hate my life and everyone in it. I'm suck. Suck suck suck suck suck. Stupid stupid stupid. Fed up! F E D U P! All I need ..................................................................................................... I  HATE  MY LIFE! I HATE EVERYTHING! I messed up my own head. I messed up my own life. I messed up everything. 
S T U P I D!

Monday, April 22

Well, from where I lived. Everywhere I go got BN flags. Like seriously, Are you 'rasuah' your own people? LOL Take it as joke. Everyone have their own choice. But, unfortunately for government workers. Pity. For all this time, I love Malaysia. But, the love it just stays there. Ain't go anywhere. I love you guys, but no. Rasuah here and there. What really humiliate for me as the citizen of Malaysia, Malaysia is the highest case rasuah rasuah you know. Like seriously, people from overseas look up to us and yet, rasuah here and there. Kopi here and there. How Malaysia mok maju that way. Do mistake, bagi rasuah. Done. I'm not being as pengkhianat but, I'm not supporting any of you guys. I follow the flow. I feel like it's better without what you guys call it government i guess. Dude, excuse me if you can take my opinion of or just think that I'm a stupid young lady who doesn't know shit. Face the fact, I lived and here and there got TECHNOLOGY. lalala PKR or BN or DAP or whatever, everyone have their own weakness. If you guys combined you ideas on how to make every state is a well-known to overseas, try it. Give it a shot. Why so cetek? I though you guys rule us by Al-Quran. butttt noooooooooooo, you don't want. You think you know the best for the citizen. Here I give you a hint, minyak pun naik harga, even sugar! Sugar for you guys to make coffee even naik harga. Pity la on the citizen. When the time for voting, how's the new ruler, everyone act so nice on people. 'If I win this that this that' bah, where? nothing change. Still the same. bit, everything naik harga. Even pegi makan kat kdai makan pun ada gov tax. Haiya. You guys only make the citizen become poorer. I know you guys make every company give the workers 800 min. ya pun, some of them have to buang keja. Why, to support that 800 give to every worker but everything got gov tax. But, where the money go? All I know, kontroversi here and there. Pelik la. Saya bukan pengkhianat. I just giving  my opinion. lala peace (Y)

Friday, April 12

For a start, I hate my life. Like literally. I really mean it. I guess so. So, tonight I'm gonna write a little bit what had happened lately. Like seriously, so much. My feelings? Ashamed, angry, sick to my stomach. Like, dude. Pointing finger here there kan, not gonna make everything better. As you can see, you curse fuck that, fuck this put as status put in the group. Dude! How old are you? Like seriously. yes, the college suck. Every student complaint about a little bit about the college. Think carefully before you speak out. Jangan suka hati kau nak madah bukan2. Ko pike kau sama? Perdana Menteri? Datuk Bandar? Huh! What the fuck? Complaint ke pihak atasan konon. Pffffffftttttt. Ko nga kelak, sapa malu. Ya Allah, the staff don't even complaint about you for not attending the class like what, about a month? But, when they do those freaking ly stupid mistake, wah wah wah. Amok nya? Alololololo, tok kmk timang2 nya gak. Kau ya, ku gigit ko kelak eh. HAHAHA Think dude. Look, yes the management really suck. Like seriously suck. I know. Blame the principle. Not them. Why them. Pity on them la. They only human. So do you. Put yourself in their place, for crying out loud. You only know yourself. Think la. You make the college as if you father own it and you can doo as you pleased. Walk in and out anytime. Don't you ever think that not now but someday people gonna talk how bad you were. Huh? Shame on you. Same to you, curse here and there. Act so cool, tough. Picit kelak. HAHA Look, even though you say you don't care what they think. People judge dude! Accept it. Where have you guys live? Like seriously, this matter happen over and over again. Haiya. Ada otak, pike lah. Where your brain go? Huh? Lubang burit kau? Cne ko engkah otak kau? You think everyone can take it as a joke ka? No! People are not you, douchebag. Act so cool, tough, matured. Eh, I ask you. Matang bena ka kau. Mun ko dah bena matang, x perange ko mcm ya eh. Kus smangat. Taik kau. Org dolok idup hbis stakat form 3, gik dpt bbli brg. Coba takorg gak, gik idup x d tggal mantak? uuuuuuaaaaaa. Pike la. Ni otak? Aku ngakuk, tmpt ya nang terok. Terimak la. Hisap rokok nun. Mun bena pun cdak plah crita eh, agak ko principle. Tanyak bah. Hey, don't mad at me posting this kind of stuff. I've been holding back too much. pffffttttt~