Monday, April 22

Well, from where I lived. Everywhere I go got BN flags. Like seriously, Are you 'rasuah' your own people? LOL Take it as joke. Everyone have their own choice. But, unfortunately for government workers. Pity. For all this time, I love Malaysia. But, the love it just stays there. Ain't go anywhere. I love you guys, but no. Rasuah here and there. What really humiliate for me as the citizen of Malaysia, Malaysia is the highest case rasuah rasuah you know. Like seriously, people from overseas look up to us and yet, rasuah here and there. Kopi here and there. How Malaysia mok maju that way. Do mistake, bagi rasuah. Done. I'm not being as pengkhianat but, I'm not supporting any of you guys. I follow the flow. I feel like it's better without what you guys call it government i guess. Dude, excuse me if you can take my opinion of or just think that I'm a stupid young lady who doesn't know shit. Face the fact, I lived and here and there got TECHNOLOGY. lalala PKR or BN or DAP or whatever, everyone have their own weakness. If you guys combined you ideas on how to make every state is a well-known to overseas, try it. Give it a shot. Why so cetek? I though you guys rule us by Al-Quran. butttt noooooooooooo, you don't want. You think you know the best for the citizen. Here I give you a hint, minyak pun naik harga, even sugar! Sugar for you guys to make coffee even naik harga. Pity la on the citizen. When the time for voting, how's the new ruler, everyone act so nice on people. 'If I win this that this that' bah, where? nothing change. Still the same. bit, everything naik harga. Even pegi makan kat kdai makan pun ada gov tax. Haiya. You guys only make the citizen become poorer. I know you guys make every company give the workers 800 min. ya pun, some of them have to buang keja. Why, to support that 800 give to every worker but everything got gov tax. But, where the money go? All I know, kontroversi here and there. Pelik la. Saya bukan pengkhianat. I just giving  my opinion. lala peace (Y)