Tuesday, October 18

The Initial M.N

Here a lil' bit about him. He's actually my ex-boyfriend. I cheated behind him. I was so dumb back then. It was like pre-culture shock thing. HA HA HA Look,the main point is, i wanna say sorry towards him after what i have done towards him back then. He was in form 1 and i was in form 3. What to be shame of? Love doesn't count age. I don't care how old he is. What i know is that i love him. End of the story. The funny thing is that he sounds like a kid, he act like a kid, he's sensitive and what differentiate him and me is that he's advance everything than me. That i can be embarrassed about. What do girls say about boys? He make my heart melt. He's doing it with me. He's so awkward in every way but every cloud have their silver lining do they? So do him. Everything he do or so whatever sure do make me laugh. Because he look so cute and adorable. He look so comfy and safe. The important is if search for name in Facebook, the first name will come out is his name. The picture i'm looking the first thing in the morning is him, wearing his necklace. If can, i wanna do everything with him not without him. Like in the movie 'Its Love. Legend of the White Snake' The woman say to this man that has nothing no money no looks 'If we always be together, i don't know what suffering' and there's a song. The lyrics say 'I vow to live only for you' All i wanted is to be with him not far across the universe without him. I know he's young but i have to take the risk do i? Not now, but someday someone that we loved now gonna leave you, right? It's everyone saying it to be. I have to take the chance. He's young and there's a lot of hot young girls he can choose from. All i can do is enjoy the moment that i can spent with him. Seriously, he sure make me taken somewhere somehow. I'm glad you came