Saturday, March 24


Unintentionally, it's obviously my fault. I don't know which part but I always play the art that I have to be so defensive, mean, heartless bitch. Yea, I know. What can I say? People make mistake and I did. I did with Marul. I do huge mistake by letting him down. There's a point when we're so lovey dovey kindda thing but the truth is I'M THE MEAN HEARTLESS BITCH. Simple way to tell tho. It's like what frustrating to me, he never mad back at me. He point out my fault and at the end, I'M THE BAD GUY. It's like, hello! Anyone there? God sake. I love him but i don't know. What am I doing now, there's a big chances I'm gonna lost him outta my sight. No, I don't want that to happen. I love him. I do. Who doesn't? LOL It's like when I'm with him. There's two different world. Don't you guys see? ugh! I'm not this perfect girl for him. He deserve someone better. When I'm with him, all I gave to him is MISERY. He said himself. Prove that I gave him so so so much misery. 

Tuesday, March 20


In my entire life, i've only heard a guy cried and whatsoever. Seen a guy that being so vulnerable. Damn! My heart melt. pfftt. I realize that all this time I've been so harsh and hot tempered on you. I love you, Amarul. I'm sorry I make you cry all this time.


Thursday, March 1


I have this one tiny habit. Yea, i try to stop tho. But, when i try to stop i began to sick. For short, I'm heavy smoker and addicted to it.