Saturday, December 22


Before I start cursing and let the bad words being wrote and you guys reading it, I wanna say sorry for being so RUDE, I guess. But, by typing the blog and express my feeling into the blog is the only way for people to read and understand what I'm trying to tell. Tonight, 23 December 2012 I've been, I called it learning, about friendship. Friendship. Life is all about friendship. Nehh, cut the crap. Life is all about FAMILY. Whether you are fall or  whatever, there's always family to be there. Friends? Yes they do. If there's a 10 people, only a few that we can call them friends. There's no such thing as REAL FRIENDS. bla bla bla. Yes, you are my friend. Real friends is you husband or your wife. The person who shared your deepest darkest secret ever. Yes, you as friend know my secret but not THE SECRET I'VE BEEN KEEPING FOR YEARS type of secret. Do you know what I meant. It means that, before you get married, you have your friends, appreciate them. For better or for worst. Yes, family is the first one and the last one. No one perfect as you may seem. You can judge but you can't predict or tell any BULLSHIT story. You talk about what you saw. WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU? IF YOU ARE THE FRIENDS THAT PEOPLE BEEN TALKING ABOUT THAT LIFE IS ALL ABOUT FRIENDSHIP, THEN WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING SHIT BEHIND BUT NOT CONFRONT? ARE YOU FUCKING PERFECT TO JUDGE? Every time dude. Every time. Yes, I've been there, I've been fool by own sister. Yes I get it! duh! Like what the fuck?  I know. The whole world know. I've tried, they tried. You guys? Do you even tried to talk to her or you guys talk shit behind her back. Like seriously guys, be nice. I'm backstabbing bitch. What do you aspect? I'm only human. But' I'm trying to change. You guys? Act like your age.  Dude, think? Look in the mirror and ask yourself, what do you have that they don't have and what do they have and you doesn't have? Before you judge people, have been there in their shoes? Yes, sometimes talking shit about people is fun shit to do. But always. You the one who act shitty all the time. I know, I've been a bitch. People have their own perspective, don't forget that. Without the bitches, the slut, the world may not be colourful. Might be fucking bored if people are so nice to each other.

Friday, December 14


Hey, what's up guys? I'm here to tell you guys a piece of mind. Lately, as you guys know me before I'm a free hair and now, Alhamdulilah I'm change. Slowly. Look, I know where my place are. I've been smoking for like 6 years now and looks like there's no way to end it. And yet, I will try my hardest to stop. It's just so hard and it's my fault for not like at least try to stop. Like, yea. I know girls who wears hijab is a women who they can look up to or I don't know. Maybe as the example to change. As for me, I know it's has been an embarrassment for me and I'm ashamed of myself for not like stop smoking immediately. It's like a drug addicted. And yet, people judge. 

And lately, might be I've been using Pashmina wrongly and make myself look really stupid or I don't know what's on their mind. I don't know what cross their mind if they sees woman or girls using Pashmina type. I know and I admit that sometimes I do feel uncomfortable using it. And yet, it's mine body, my head. Not them and sometimes it hurts. Like really hurts when people judge as if they are so perfect. Sometimes, I hope their mind are expose to the world not just their face. If you know what i mean. Like seriously, there's a thing here called TECHNOLOGY that they can use to surf the internet. To explode their mind with stuff, even stupid stuff. Like what the heck. Just read it and understand it. I don't ask you to remind every single word. Like seriously, nowadays some kids are so stupid because of this technology they only can do facebook, or twitter or whatever social network has been develop. Let me just stay crystal clear here, I'm not pointing who and what it just like. STOP JUDGING. Like, look in the mirror and ask yourself before you judge people what do you have and he/she doesn't, and what do he/she have that you doesn't have. Like seriously, we all have our own weakness. Not because of their weakness is so obvious that you can use it as a weapon to bring him/her down. Look, basically our life is in circle. and yet, to make this clear, I DO BELIEVE IN KARMA. Why? Like I said, our life is in circle. Anything can happen. As long as you live, you have no right to judge whether from their house, their style or whatever. Just be human. Be wise. Humans do mistake. Keep that in mind. If you think you are so perfect, ASK YOURSELF. WHY DON'T YOU TAKE LORD'S PLACE. Sometimes, people who judge other people is the ATTENTION SEEKER. I'm here just saying. 

We here live only once, be nice. I won't bite, some people won't bite. So, why must us be judgmental freak?