Friday, July 13


Well, it' has been awhile I didn't write in my blog. So, here goes nothing. Nothing new but just hear me out. Alright? I am now studying at University Linton as being well known as College Lagenda. Located at Mantin, Negeri Sembilan. Never heard a place call Mantin? I know. Never heard of it. Mantin located so far a way from town, beach. And being near with Nigerian and what-so-ever stuff. For the first few weeks, it's like a miserable time for me since I haven't knew anyone here except people from Miri. Of course. Then, I knew Wan and Zazu. After that I being introduce to Afiq a.k.a Apek and Ammar. And last, I knew Kerol, Zam and Lembu. And since the, I've been hanging out with them. Like all the time. Feels like family. Well, we are family. You see, they fill my emptiness though. Even though, sometimes I just need my Mom by my side. But, Ammar and Kerol. Ugh! We are like 3 muskeeters. Except 3 muskeeters they are all guys. pfftt~ And now, they are slowly leaving me. I've been crying because they are my closes friends ever. Whenever I'm hungry or I have something on mind but don't know how to express, I always have these guys. Especially Ammar and Kerol. Ammar when it comes to food and Kerol, he has been a brother to me. He always start a conversation. Any kind of conversation. It's like I've known him for years but unfotunately only know him for few weeks. I miss him though. I wanna get your attention here about this guy named Muhammad 'Ammar. Well, for a start. He's from Johor and I kindda being attached to him. LOL He always there and he talks. I mean talking to me about problems. Real problem in life. Not just random stuff but rare stuff. I've been looking for a guy like that. And, as you can see. For me he's handsome from inside and out. I love he's heart. He treat me like my brother, my bestfriend would do. From my imagination. He's so nice to me. And, I don't what happend it just click. Understand. I know I've been changing a lot of guys. And I'm FUCK tired of it. Seriously, I'm getting tired. I think I'm out of topic. Back to the topic, I just kindda sort of maybe might and I'm pretty sure I've found my family here. There's Ammar, Kerol, Zazu, Zam, Wan, Jaja, Nell (always had a fight with her) and Meera. LOL Apa-apa pun, perasaan jiwa bila berada jauh dari keluarga amat dan teramat sunyi. Ko ingat senang ker dok kat bilik je? Buat masa sekarang, senang susah kitaorg masih kekal sama. I Love You, M.A.O. Eh, lain. :)