Friday, November 9


I make mistakes. I do make mistake. Repeatedly. But it doesn't you have to lose your respect towards me. Who am I to you? Your friend or someone else. It just so sad when people said like hurtful things bout us and what really frustrated is he speaks his freaking opinion behind my back. I make mistake! I do. What really make me pissed is the only thing that I've been told is only like 10% from the goddamn chatting. It's like, I've been blame everything. Because of me, because of me. Even I acted like a bitch, I don't steal someone boyfriend. I'm not desperate. Because of me?!?! Like, what the fuck? The only goddamn thing I know is you told me you and her having a rough time. If you in my place reading this piece of shit? How the fuck you feel? Two against me, alone? One finger, two words. Very disappointed. Let the picture do the stories.

You like only know me for what!?! I know you, you know me. It doesn't me you know ME!