Friday, January 28

sister's keeper

i watched a movie that really means something to me. it hurts seeing or watching a movie that common to the teenage world.

a mother, a father, jesse(brother), anna(sister) and the main point of the story is about kate. kate? since she small she had a disease that can kill her. that disease is canser(lack of red blood cell). what she had to do is going 'kemoterapi' .

to do that she had to go to the hospital. about 13 yrs old she went there with her mother. and she found her true and only love. taylor. taylor had the same disease like her. he asked her phone number and after that he asked her out.

taylor hide something for her. he was everything for her. he lift up her spirit to move on with her life. they falling in love with each other. the best thing about taylor is he accept her even though she lost her hair and bold. he accept the ugly side of her. he accept who kate are.

at the hospital there kind the prom thing. he asked to go with him. and they made 'it'. taylor want to tell her something but he doesn't have the guts to break her heart at that day. after 3 days, kate went to the hospital and hoping that taylor came. because kate was so angry taylor didn't answer her call or even text.

her mother pity for her asked the nurse where taylor is. the nurse thought that they know where taylor is. so she had to tell the news. taylor already dead for the past 3 days. kate's heart was broken into pieces and she lost her spirit about move on with life.

who watch this movie knows the ending. :)

picture tells the story

p/s : what i do is all for you. what i did is all for you. what i know is, every time we hug or hold hands i feel that i'm safer than i use to be. that's why i hate the part when you said you have to go home. the last thing i aware about it, i'm falling for you every time we see each other

Wednesday, January 26

the unknowns

what i have to do i call you. that's it. but in fact, you ask and demanding that you wanna to talk to him. hey. he just read bitch. he don't knows shit. for the pass few days or let me say last year story your lover text me. and what did he tell me? he said you dead. what kind of boyfriend is that. he said he just simply said you are DEAD. do you understand me?

DEAD means that you are gone. no more. you are not on earth. but today i call you and he text me to save him from being dumped by you bitch. what you ask? you wanna talk with him. my boyfriend? he's don't know shit. i know and that's why i need to talk with you. my boyfriend just know about the inbox. he doesn't know from a to z bitch.

so don't you even try to mad or make him part of this shit. this is about your boyfriend try to hook up with me biatch. fuck la. try to think. if my boyfriend doesn't know, he wouldn't tell. and i knows everything. he webby, calling and even text on phone. what i know is i don't try to make a scene. good for me, i didn't text him, call him or even tried to be bitch breaking someone relationship. but you?

try to think la. use your fucking brain. my boyfriend doesn't know anything. he knows that your fucking boyfriend inbox me and in other word try to HOOK up with me.

Tuesday, January 25

mode : not feeling good

when i think about it, what i do is never enough.

when i think i about it, what i did is wrong.

i'm a girl, i accept. what in my head is only friend.

i'm not accepting it because i want you to proof me that you trust me.

but for now, the trust is not there.

what i need is, i need your trust.

the point is we sometimes fight because of jealousy.

that jealousy make me cry. not in front of you. when i went to bed.

i remember what happen, and i cried. it sucks when we have to fight.

i remember when we still friends, you are not like this.

the guy i know is disappearing.

the girl he knows is trying to find him back.

who's looking for who?

come on come on don't leave me like this.

when it's raining felt like crying -.-

unexpected journey

in a relationship there's up and down. like rain. something it stops and sometimes it started rain heavily. today is January 26, 2011. from my view, from my place. i heard thunder. it started to fall heavily. i hate raining because it makes my mood really sad.

i heard a story, when the weather from shine to rainy. the princess is crying because the man she love left her for other woman or something. and today the weather shows me that she angry. the thunder is so loud, feels like something gonna happen. n for the first time, i scared of this thunder.

it's sunny but it raining heavily? people said the thunder will not strike for the second time at the same place. em? i scared that it strikes at my front house. because one of the lightning is really close to my house and it's very loud. like SO LOOOUUUDD!!

for the first time, i scared of the thunder. what??!!?? -.-

rain please stop. i love raining but at the same time i really hate you. but i glad and i'm honestly this is not the right time for you to rain.

Wednesday, January 19

stuff i do when i get bored

hello readers,

this stuff i do when i get really bored with the teacher or i really sleepy. here's some pictures.

ijan? well, his real name is mohd zulharizan bin mohd. but, for the first time i intend to call him ijan because he and my cuzzie name zulfadli also. i call my cuzzie zul same like him. but, he doesn't like the name. i forgot why actually. hehe.that guy is my boyfriend.

ieqa, that's my nick name. hehe. :P

i just take my picture and i realize something. my pose mouth is the same. right? omg! hehe. the specs i bought it at sabah. i love that kind of sunglasses. i searched everywhere for that kind of sunglasses. it's not too big for my small face. i don't care if it doesn't match for me. i like it. love my sunglasses. 

Tuesday, January 18

talk love

accepting love from someone is a big tasks. because you have to take care of someone heart not played with the heart he gave it to you. i used to play someone heart and i also see my sister get played by someone. i regret it. i really do. being play is hurt. being in love to someone is really a beautiful thing and that moment is the closes thing we ever had to our prince charming or magic. it's the closes thing we had or the best thing we do with someone.

but when someone play your heart, your tears started to fall and your soul are crushed. and in your head you think that you can't live without him and you feel that you gonna kill yourself because there's no other person gonna hold your back. well, that's wrong. there's someone holding your back and there's also someone that supporting you no matter how stupid your decision are. that particular person is our family. i realize it when i was being fool by love and being in the clouds and imagine some sweet endings. but i guess not. it our life or reality, it's hard to find the happy endings, happily ever after.

no, that's not reality. that just some movie that we watch at disney. like cinderella, or sleeping beauty or even snow white. started just being a maid or some thing and the end that the girl is so happy. someday i hope i be that girl. it's just life. we through high and low, but the end it still the same.

example me, i dream that i having a good life and it ends perfectly. but when i wake up, it's remain the same. talk love means that i wanna talk about love. but unfortunately, i don't know what's love is. what is true love? do you even met once? your true love? i think i met once, but it's just a monkey love. doesn't mean anything. just monkey love that makes us do crazy stuff and really make us think that he's the one. 

like my mother said, if he do love you and he's the one. he accept who we are inside. not from the outside. that person is really hard to find. it feels like your a looking a needle in a sack or something. it a qoute i think. forget it. love love love. yes love is blind. you are blind by love. blind because it makes you do stuff that you never ever though doing it. 

well, this is today story. good night readers. :)

Monday, January 17

thanks to deena

thanks to her because she help me with my blog. i'm like so freaking happy. feels like new blog with a new and hot story. i hope it gonna be fun story for you guys.

thanks to deena, she help me n my sister's blog. it just a simple blog but it shows who i am. hey, i'm just a simple girl that live next to you.

and DEENA!! thanks like a loot. you helped me so much. one day i'm gonna pay for kindness.

Sunday, January 16

Love without a relationship is still love. But a relationship without love holds little value.

As teenagers, it has become embedded in our heads that if two people like each other they MUST “date” each other. I don't see why one can't just have love for someone without making it “official.” We are young and don't need to be officially bonded to anyone until we are married. Romantic relationships today have already lost much of its value because it is too easily obtained, established, & ended. And too often, people just hop in and out of relationships, leaving them with very little value. But good things take time. Love, when true, never loses its significance. When true, what bonds the two together without the need or desire for anyone else is indeed the only thing that they need: Love. Because love without a relationship is still love. But a relationship without love holds little value.