Friday, January 28

sister's keeper

i watched a movie that really means something to me. it hurts seeing or watching a movie that common to the teenage world.

a mother, a father, jesse(brother), anna(sister) and the main point of the story is about kate. kate? since she small she had a disease that can kill her. that disease is canser(lack of red blood cell). what she had to do is going 'kemoterapi' .

to do that she had to go to the hospital. about 13 yrs old she went there with her mother. and she found her true and only love. taylor. taylor had the same disease like her. he asked her phone number and after that he asked her out.

taylor hide something for her. he was everything for her. he lift up her spirit to move on with her life. they falling in love with each other. the best thing about taylor is he accept her even though she lost her hair and bold. he accept the ugly side of her. he accept who kate are.

at the hospital there kind the prom thing. he asked to go with him. and they made 'it'. taylor want to tell her something but he doesn't have the guts to break her heart at that day. after 3 days, kate went to the hospital and hoping that taylor came. because kate was so angry taylor didn't answer her call or even text.

her mother pity for her asked the nurse where taylor is. the nurse thought that they know where taylor is. so she had to tell the news. taylor already dead for the past 3 days. kate's heart was broken into pieces and she lost her spirit about move on with life.

who watch this movie knows the ending. :)