Wednesday, January 19

stuff i do when i get bored

hello readers,

this stuff i do when i get really bored with the teacher or i really sleepy. here's some pictures.

ijan? well, his real name is mohd zulharizan bin mohd. but, for the first time i intend to call him ijan because he and my cuzzie name zulfadli also. i call my cuzzie zul same like him. but, he doesn't like the name. i forgot why actually. hehe.that guy is my boyfriend.

ieqa, that's my nick name. hehe. :P

i just take my picture and i realize something. my pose mouth is the same. right? omg! hehe. the specs i bought it at sabah. i love that kind of sunglasses. i searched everywhere for that kind of sunglasses. it's not too big for my small face. i don't care if it doesn't match for me. i like it. love my sunglasses.