Tuesday, January 18

talk love

accepting love from someone is a big tasks. because you have to take care of someone heart not played with the heart he gave it to you. i used to play someone heart and i also see my sister get played by someone. i regret it. i really do. being play is hurt. being in love to someone is really a beautiful thing and that moment is the closes thing we ever had to our prince charming or magic. it's the closes thing we had or the best thing we do with someone.

but when someone play your heart, your tears started to fall and your soul are crushed. and in your head you think that you can't live without him and you feel that you gonna kill yourself because there's no other person gonna hold your back. well, that's wrong. there's someone holding your back and there's also someone that supporting you no matter how stupid your decision are. that particular person is our family. i realize it when i was being fool by love and being in the clouds and imagine some sweet endings. but i guess not. it our life or reality, it's hard to find the happy endings, happily ever after.

no, that's not reality. that just some movie that we watch at disney. like cinderella, or sleeping beauty or even snow white. started just being a maid or some thing and the end that the girl is so happy. someday i hope i be that girl. it's just life. we through high and low, but the end it still the same.

example me, i dream that i having a good life and it ends perfectly. but when i wake up, it's remain the same. talk love means that i wanna talk about love. but unfortunately, i don't know what's love is. what is true love? do you even met once? your true love? i think i met once, but it's just a monkey love. doesn't mean anything. just monkey love that makes us do crazy stuff and really make us think that he's the one. 

like my mother said, if he do love you and he's the one. he accept who we are inside. not from the outside. that person is really hard to find. it feels like your a looking a needle in a sack or something. it a qoute i think. forget it. love love love. yes love is blind. you are blind by love. blind because it makes you do stuff that you never ever though doing it. 

well, this is today story. good night readers. :)