Tuesday, January 25

unexpected journey

in a relationship there's up and down. like rain. something it stops and sometimes it started rain heavily. today is January 26, 2011. from my view, from my place. i heard thunder. it started to fall heavily. i hate raining because it makes my mood really sad.

i heard a story, when the weather from shine to rainy. the princess is crying because the man she love left her for other woman or something. and today the weather shows me that she angry. the thunder is so loud, feels like something gonna happen. n for the first time, i scared of this thunder.

it's sunny but it raining heavily? people said the thunder will not strike for the second time at the same place. em? i scared that it strikes at my front house. because one of the lightning is really close to my house and it's very loud. like SO LOOOUUUDD!!

for the first time, i scared of the thunder. what??!!?? -.-

rain please stop. i love raining but at the same time i really hate you. but i glad and i'm honestly this is not the right time for you to rain.