Tuesday, January 25

mode : not feeling good

when i think about it, what i do is never enough.

when i think i about it, what i did is wrong.

i'm a girl, i accept. what in my head is only friend.

i'm not accepting it because i want you to proof me that you trust me.

but for now, the trust is not there.

what i need is, i need your trust.

the point is we sometimes fight because of jealousy.

that jealousy make me cry. not in front of you. when i went to bed.

i remember what happen, and i cried. it sucks when we have to fight.

i remember when we still friends, you are not like this.

the guy i know is disappearing.

the girl he knows is trying to find him back.

who's looking for who?

come on come on don't leave me like this.