Wednesday, January 26

the unknowns

what i have to do i call you. that's it. but in fact, you ask and demanding that you wanna to talk to him. hey. he just read bitch. he don't knows shit. for the pass few days or let me say last year story your lover text me. and what did he tell me? he said you dead. what kind of boyfriend is that. he said he just simply said you are DEAD. do you understand me?

DEAD means that you are gone. no more. you are not on earth. but today i call you and he text me to save him from being dumped by you bitch. what you ask? you wanna talk with him. my boyfriend? he's don't know shit. i know and that's why i need to talk with you. my boyfriend just know about the inbox. he doesn't know from a to z bitch.

so don't you even try to mad or make him part of this shit. this is about your boyfriend try to hook up with me biatch. fuck la. try to think. if my boyfriend doesn't know, he wouldn't tell. and i knows everything. he webby, calling and even text on phone. what i know is i don't try to make a scene. good for me, i didn't text him, call him or even tried to be bitch breaking someone relationship. but you?

try to think la. use your fucking brain. my boyfriend doesn't know anything. he knows that your fucking boyfriend inbox me and in other word try to HOOK up with me.