Tuesday, March 29

miss the old fun

i miss you.  i miss the way you use to be. 'tampa palak' or 'paluk burit' is no more fun. it becoming hurtful. it's not cool dude when u scream into my face in front of your friends. i not even know who you are for now. how u feel i scream at you that time and your friends immediately look at you. u must feel that u being embarrassed, right? scream into your fucking face when everyone looking at you. well, for your information i felt that way. it's not cool to do that with a girl, am i right? you have shown your true true colour. and i not even like the way you are now. yes, like u say. i'm still the way i used to be. and you change into someone disrespect unwanted attitude for a boy that is being love by a girl that ask her friends opinion how to deal with this kind of stuff. they said be patient. but for how long? for you information, you have never seen me like i used to be. don't even ask. u the first boy that my patient towards you is being tested. and you easily said that, i'm not changed at all. for god's sake, you THE FIRST BOY and i'm not even tried to cheat behind you dude. and u said i'm not change at all. looks like, you not even tried to accept me for the who i am. i'm trying to accept you. is that so hard for you to trust me. i smoke, u scream at my friends. oyeah!! that's what really LOVE about you. what next? beat me to death? haish. i'm so furious by your attitude, give me back my mohamad zulharizan like he used to be. just be you. not being someone else. you seems like you tried to be someone else.