Thursday, March 24


i waited for you. for the day i came back from school. i wait for you to call. but nothing. im trying to be nice im sick of pretending like i love to fight w you. im sick of crying and im sick of seeing you hurt. what i wanna say is that even though i messed up, please don't pushed me away like that. yes, i hurt your feeling when i did that to you. but im sick of fighting w you. what for i fight and cursed you but deep in my heart i still can forget what i did to you. i'm sorry. i may not be enough for you, i may not the prefect girl u always wanted but please, dont pushed me away. im sitting in front of my laptop hoping that something pops and that is from you. i love you. and i know my words SUCKS. but please, i have no idea how to proof it you when u like not giving me the chance. please, i know i messed up. -.-