Thursday, April 21

everybody change

including me. i'm changing. i don't know if it is bad or good. what i know, what i see is what i wrote. like this, everybody change. everyone i know and i friend with is changing. even him. like, everyone i know is changed. i don't know if it is bad to them or good. i don't know. what i know, from the person i close with is change. but he ask me. i'm really disappointed of his attitude. my bad ass he knows, his bad ass he really doesn't know. if i say, he's gonna ask who start this fight. what start the fight is i can't barely handle if the person i love like bullying me. and the person i trust, setakat abu-abu ajak. i'm sick of people like unrespect me. bullying me. i know i'm short so whatever, but don't treat me this way. --'