Sunday, April 17

where's my luck?

where's my lucky charm now? where's am i now? where the heck i am now? who the hell is him? where's me? where's him? who am i? who is he?

i want my charm back. charm that i see months ago. charm that i see that evening? where is it? i want it back. why? i ask you why. why every time we meet each other, only that moment i feel happy. why every time we meet, on the same day at night, we fight? why every time we fight, i'm the one that cried. why?

like you said, i was looking for attention.but for me, it wasn't me looking for it. i just looking for the person that i used to know by fighting with you. i know it's against the law. if this still goes on, just meet up. don't go back home or leave each other even just for a second.

foolish me. i'm the one who make this mess.