Tuesday, February 22

feeling being fucked up bitch

what i see and what i feel last night was fucking AMAZING. never felt that way before. what goes around comes around. well, i think who the boys feel when i fucked up their LOVE.  it sucks when someone think that you still had the feeling towards your FUCKING ex. i had no feeling towards them just to be friends with them. if breaking up making their relationship become enemy, don't coupled up. why? it's better to friends that couple. if friends, hard to them to hate you because the feeling is not there. but breaking up and become enemy? what the use saying i love you to each other no matter sincere or not, what's the fucking point? when someone say that they gonna hate the people that played their heart or there's no 'jodoh' between them, they will hate you. what's the point of saying i love you to each other before they breaking up? at that time, hating is no point. why? both of those people played each other heart. one played behind our back and other one is hating you. what's the point you coupled up? yes, you gonna hate those people. but until where? what's the fucking point you hate that people that you realize you gonna see him or her no matter how far or how hard you try to hide. there's no point. i scared that, when there's no lasting in our relationship between us, i know he's gonna hate me. i just scared about that and i really do want to make him changed his mind. hate all you want. but until where? i just gonna be pain in you butt. there's no use.