Friday, February 11

a feeling that drive me crazy

a feeling of uncomfortable, scared, happy, sad but most of all is scared. i don't know why. i think i'm starting to fell the love and believing in love. but the scary part is, the is his first time being with a girl that he can hug or kiss. i doesn't wanna be the girl just to let the feeling want to know over him. and not letting the feeling of love over him. what i know is, i never felt this way before. i never felt that the scary feeling is now taking over me and sometimes making me wanna cry. i just don't know why, maybe i was a fool. i followed every thing he ask me to do. what i scared other thing is, after all i done to him. he just leave me say BYE.

fuck la. what the hell? what happen to me? am i just a girl that still don't know shit about love or am i girl talks about love, but never did one of it. i'm lovesick. fuck fuck fuck. shit shit shit. i have no idea what happen to me. what i know is, i never felt this way before. seriously, only HE knows what the heck am i feeling. because me myself exactly don't know what am i feeling actually. shit!! palis palis. puh puh. hope all the bad stuff go away from me. and the good stuff 'come come!!' xD