Friday, February 4

unforgettable night with zodiex n scootville community

sorry readers. doesn't have pictures to show you. but i tell you how much fun being with them. :)

at 2.30 my hubby and harris came to my house. because scootville community members should gathered aroung my house at 3.30 or something. about 5 o'clock, me, beb, dba and zul use cars. but when we in the cars. honestly i'm starting to feel stress and also tension. in my head is only smoke. but i didn't smoke. i was looking at my hubby face and i barely didn't wanna hurt him.

about 5.30 we arrived at explanet. but just for a while only. about 6, we started to move. went to padel's house at bakam. my hubby went to his house when we started to get out from explanet. me follow harris scoot and my hubby arrived on time. so i followed him. from the beach away to bakam. woaa!! much much fun. but i'm really not that comfortable because i'm not use using scoot. but it's all okay. it's the first time of life and i bet it will never gonna happen for the second time.

about 6.30 we arrived at padel's house. we wait and wait. i don't know what time. i guess about 7 o'clock we started to move again on our way to taman awam. their scoots was to awesome. i kinda like that moment. about 7.30 arrived and my mom call. that's when my nerves started. i was scared, nervous, i don't what am i feeling back then. my feeling was mixed up. i had no idea what to think actually. arrived but we have to wait again because charcoal was left behind at padel's house at bakam. so his friend went to bakam to get it.

about 8, the bbq started with burning the charcoal. hehe. but i have to leave the event about 9. my mom call again ask us to get home like now. so go home. without eating until the next day. ughh. my mood wanna eat gone missing after what my dad told us something that really making me cried. but, whatever. i enjoy and it wiil be the first and the last get to enjoy or konvoi with them. it do sucks.

enjoyable night being with my new friends and my friends. :D