Sunday, May 29

sucks about love

mostly, when we love  someone very much u never felt like wanna let him or her go that easily. but, when  it comes about my love life? it sucks. everything sucks. seems like, everything i done just him. he never realize it n always blame it on me. when can i feel the love he hard to express it to me. felt like being stupid. yes. love means that when u love someone, u act stupid. u say stupid. u seems stupid! u seems desperate. but it doesn't must be like that. u choose to be stupid and dumb for him or her just to get their attention. thats love dude! i cried for u, i scream out loud for u. but u seems like never care. u are careless about me. about me and life. firstly, u easily say u wanna break up. then, u easily say u syg me. but, when i think over. isn't true u syg me? is this waiting is worth for me to wait, cry, mad, scream? isn't it worth? 

for now, i only felt the love from my family. but, u are part of my family. why can u just accept the way i am? am i too bad for u to handle? we are losing the chemistry.and i wanna back.