Tuesday, August 30


On the first day of raya, my mood for celebrating this holly ceremony is officially gone. It is because of my sister. i don't what the heck is happen towards her that morning. her face like so annoying making my parent mad. like super mad. after, i try to break that scene. i do something like fun, i don't know.it just blurp. how you feel when only one of you spoil the mood and the rest take the blame. what my mother know is what my sister thinks. And this morning proves that she only know one head thinking. my sister that is. It just sucks when after raya, the school begins. i don't even ask for money, i just ask for happiness. i don't give a damn if people give money or didn't. i just i could bet all the stuff that i had for now trade with my family happiness. I couldn't do such that stuff. yes, sometimes i woke up late. i'm sorry if today i wake up late. it doesn't mean my friends is my number one priority. it just make me feel that my parent forget who i was and what i am. what they know is my sister. ;(