Monday, September 5


how? what? why? always be a questions in my head. why i can't be happy for just a moment. i'm superb happy when acey ask for return. super fucking happy. and accurately 3.00 pm he let me go. AGAIN! why? only GOD knows why. bia jak. he do the right thing. he fight with his own friend. paham paham jak. okay? wanna know how FOR GOD'S SAKE my FUCKING feeling? first, in my head i was like yeay! his mine again. then, this thing ruined. and NOOO! his not mine again. for this few days, if someone give me sedozen cigarette i surely can finish this one whole day. i was like so fucking stress out and my thought killing someone for my pleasure. HAHAHA. i curse or i swear to someone not gonna worth. i wish my cousin here right here right now take me go someone that really calms me down. this whole messed just fucked up. i need to kill someone now. hit someone very hard until my anger gone and my problem solve. i was like so fucked up! jeez! GO TO HELL! I WISH I NEVER KNOW WHAT THE HECK LOVE IS & WHAT BOYFRIEND USED FOR! GO FUCKING STRAIGHT TO HELL!