Friday, September 2


i love this one guy, mohammad nasiruddin. i know his form 3, but i think he's older than me. what i'm trying to say that, he's my favorite. my old time favorite. like he said, when he turn back with his ex it doesn't last. same for me. but him? what the fuck. why it must be him? why he's the one i cried just because i couldn't go with him watch only a movie. fuck. the guilt inside me when i see his face, like ugh! i know it's lame thing to say but it's the truth. i couldn't text him because i run out of idea how to persuade him. and, out of nowhere. i ask for break up. stupid kan? i know. i'm more stupid than i ever think off. hey, i'm only stupid because of him. when i'm with him, i'd love to his smile. because, when he smile there's sparkle and i know he's happy. i fucked up his day. i know. it just suck when you got family and your boyfriend need you there and the same time. it suck because i know at that time i have to hurt someone and that's him. i know it's stupid to say such dumbest word ever. fuck! it just, i run out my words. what i wanna say, please come back and forgive me. i'm lonely without you and i love you. *fuckk fuck fuck. meracau. sayang awak. dga lagu she's gone. fuck fuck. ngam juak lagu ya. aek mata gugok. HAHA*