Wednesday, November 2


Seriously, i might thinking of turning back to him and there's some point i don't want to. But he's like in my every sweet memory. The part that i can't forget is when i sleep in his arm. Just watching him sleep it makes me feel comfortable. And what sucks is, i might lay down my ego and just ask him to be mine again but everything change. Look, maybe it's my fault keep looking at his personal account. It become a habit and i can't stop stalking him. I know it's lame but what else can i do? There's a part of my heart still with him. I don't know if he has the same feeling like i do. I miss him, i miss everything bout him. He just pop in and pop out from my life. For a second there, i cry when i look at those picture. What's left in my blog is my profile picture with him. I love put in stuff in my blog when it comes to his part. It just i'm not afraid to move on but i'd like to move on with him. Not without him. It's my biggest mistake letting him go. I don't fucking care what he did or say, i just want to explore this world with him. It sucks when you have done so may stuff with him like shopping, meeting with his parents, talking to his mom bout him and you're like close to his family member. I was like, i know my mistake and i'm sorry. I don't know if anyone gonna read this. It just i'm speechless, naser. I can't stop thinking bout you but you can stop thinking bout me. Like you say, your problem is not mine anymore. you are not my girlfriend. I know when i go wrong towards you and i hurt your feeling. But you never gonna fight for me? Am i right? How can i say good bye to you? I wanna say and never look back but it's hard! Fuck hard.