Thursday, March 10

answer the damn questions

what making me frustrated that i feel like i'm being fool and i'm just a place that everyone let go their damn anger. what am i suppose to be in front of them? i'm not an idiot, i'm not some kind that u can be fool with.but sometimes, i cried just because of that shit. what the hell? sometimes i can stand it by hiding my frustration. but everyone have their limits. even me have my patient's limits. don't cross that line. please. i'm trying my very best to please you. just to make u smile. i'm only asking why the fuck are u acting like that to me. i'm scared that i do something wrong towards you. like my mom say to me, 'everyone surround you can detect your mistakes are, but hardly appreciate what you have done'. and i totally agree with that. when i do something really wrong, whoa. look at their face angry with me. when i'm doing something good, look at them. not even say thanks or just smile. it really do make me feel like i'm being accepted. everyone is just like that even me. yes, you can hide you expression. but can never hide it forever. i don't what the heck r you thinking towards me or you don't know what the heck am i thinking. my mother once said 'jangan sesekali ubah air muka orang. sekali dha polah orang mcm ya, smpe bila-bila org ya akan kenang'.