Wednesday, March 9

school story

hellow readers!!

long time no updated. talking about my freaking school. i love going to school. because there, i get to meet my friends. and also at the same time, i really hate going to school when you realize that someone that you know is hating you so much. and hey, i don't even care. why, i live not just to pleased my haters feeling. as if i care. but please, i hate when someone that you know hate you because of what my other friends did n i did eventually. we thought that it just a joke. don't take it personal. i thought she act gangster enough she can handle the pressure. this is my first time i see a girl so 'embarrassed' just because of we tease her with the guy she like. i was like 'what the heck?' and the reasons are she having her period n she not in a good mood. if all the girls are just like her, there will be no peace, no mens in our fucking lives. just, control that hormone girl. every one had their time, but some girl that i know never act that way like u. seriously, i never met a girl like you. i don't know. if you want to say what we did is bullied you. we are not like that. we thought it just a girl because to pick on somebody can not thinking might hurt their feelings but when we teasing you, you so fucking mad at us. look, i'm sorry. i didn't meant to bully you or something. it just for fun god damn it. well, don't judge a book by its cover, right? i guess i wrong about you girl. i thought u a fun girl to hang with, do not spoil like other girl. but, i was freaking wrong. you just a spoil brat. i'm glad to know. i'm sincere to be friend w u. but, you all that stuff wrong. that's your old school. i don't care how fat u are. i don't care how poor u r. what i care, don't get it seriously when hanging w us. what we tease or say it just for fun. nothing to embarrassed you or just to make you blush. no, we never meant that way. i'm not gonna coax you or anything. what for? not my problem you become sulky. i just need you to understand us than we understand u. u r so hard to understand, you know that. i know your story w ur family. u think u haven't yet felt the love you want from your family. you rebel all your mother or your father even your brother n sister ask you to do and dons. but, don't let it on us dear. i love you being my friend girl. i really do. what had happen to us, i'm really frustrated. and also i heard some of your friends call us high class group? what is that suppose to mean? if we really high class person, oh please. i'm not even look at you or friend w you. if me being a high class person. i ignore what u even say to me. maybe its you or not someone in your class really hate me. don't you think so? you shout at people's face, you sometimes very rude, sometimes you really sweet. swear to god, why u even think that way? whose choose friend? me or u? please, your friend is getting on my nerve. really pissing me off. what the fuck girl? straight to point please, berbahas la kw spnjg2 ko mok. i don't even care. because you friend is snob person. i smile at her the first time i see her. i smile, what she do? not even look at me. i may annoy you, but you annoy me so much that i annoy you girl. i don't FUCKING care what you wanna say about me, leave out my friends. leave me out of it. don't make us the reason you so pissed off. just say. u kurang kasih sayang and u know the truth. he doesn't like you. that y u so mad. in this world, who wants to get into a fight? you? me? no one girl. it's you attitude. we all r not mature enough. even teachers not mature. hbus? not even think straight. please, think before you judge us. how u even know us when u not even talk to us? how do you know we r high class person o normal person? do even know where we hang out? not at starbucks or coffee beans or secret recipe. that's u. every saturday u went parkson. every sunday, explanet or marina bay or tanjung. that's where you all hang out. us? how can us be a high class person when u never hang out w us? so, don't judge us by what car we use or what brand our bags are. you the high class person. you and your friends. i'm sorry. i'm not gonna pity on u girl.