Sunday, February 27

please don't make me cry again

i'm just a burden in your daily lives. without me in it, there will be no tears or no fight in you. i'm just a burden to you. am i right darling? i was just your life difficult. you ask me to there for you, but i feel like i'm not that useful for you. i'm not THAT particular person that you dream off. dream to one of a kind girl. no, i'm just ordinary girl. you ask me to text you, with a smile face i text. but you, go and hate me as much as you want to hate. but please, don't make me cry for the last time. i can't believe for just two months, a lot of tears going down. a lot of fight. why we can't be the last i checked with a happy smile on you face. but now, it's missing. i feel so stupid and dumped when you did me like that. i'm sorry. but, i've never seen a guy that so jealous that can make his girl cry that much. please, don't ignore my feeling towards you please. i'm a human being and so do you. but you, treat me like some kind of robot who you can let go of your anger, stress. i'm not that girl. i just can stand being mad of because i say to someone ngegeh or i close to someone. everything, everyone that i do or close with, you have to mad with it. and you so gnarly and also testy. but you say me that you stubborn. you make me cry a lot. i have a heart problem here. why you just accept who i am and not to turn me to someone that you like me to be. i love the way you are, stubborn, jealousy, angry, lazy. i love the way you are and not even wanna try to be other person. please don't make me one of your experimental materials. please. i know it's my fault, but every time we fight why must me giving up. why must me the end with tears. what? am i not that good enough for you?