Saturday, February 26

sorry if i wrote really pissed you off

yo' guys. you guys really pissed me out. wanna know why? we all forgotten our motto. kerjasama, setia sahabat & toleransi. you guys know what, asyari right. we all busy doing our own stuff. hoping one another to announce others member. there's no collaboration, no loyal friend. each one of us may not or maybe have hard feeling towards each other. that's why our second meeting and our convoy with ZC sucks. BORING!! why? everyone do their things including me n others. there's no team. there will never be a team when each of us like blaming each other. well, for your information it's everyone fault. i know this is our first time doing this stuff but please don't blaming each other for not doing their work. give them a chance and give this group to shine a chance will you? this group is on the way to shine but three members are out. what the heck? it sucks. i have no idea. everyone like hoping the other person to tell the other members. that is not how members work. it's not the creator fault or anyone. but ourselves. why we don't ask them about activity or coming soon event. there's no commitment to this group. this group is based on friendship. try no letting our friendship ruined because of this group. just please, no team no group no scootville community. try to be like more commitment. and try not to appeal this group with zodiex or moped. seriously, we only student. still ask our parent money and permission. SC's members are all students. may not be a student but not yet work. just not to appeal SC with others. we still new in this business. because of this group, our true colours came out. try to have fun with this group and try to be more commitment. i may just a supporter not a crew, but atleast i gave something for us to think. may after you read this, you say bad things or ignore me. but, i just can't imagine if our relationship as friends become enemy because of this group. please. i tell you guys something might change your mood for a seconds. remember our very first shoot as members? at explanet. remember? that's the first time i felt that feeling. feeling like having another family. we having so much fun. we getting closer to each other. but that feeling missing after i don't know when. i would like that feeling again. everyone enjoyed that moment. everyone pleased, everyone smile, everyone is trying their butt up just to get there. everyone risks every minute just to get there. for me, i found scootville communty family. but the feeling is missing after the second meeting and during that convoy everyone like no smile in their face. no real smile. no real happy mode at that time. i saw how you guys gathered. everyone gathered at the same place and then, poof. some were there, some were far far away. but we called ourselves a team. actually, there's no team at all we sit at the same table, but not talking the same thing. not like the first time we gathered at explanet. but, i'm a dreamer. i just missed shasha, afnan n asyari in this group. look how happy we are that moment. haish. emo eh. haha xD

our very first shoot as officially members scootville community. :)

p/s : i miss that moment. if anyone read this, please don't be mad. i'm sorry. mintak maaf dari hujong rambut sampe ujong kaki.