Saturday, May 28

28th May 1994

a young muscular man name Zolkipli meet a young lady, Rabiah. that time that man i don know might been dating one of her friend. so, they meet each other. back then, there no feeling of love or even get a future together. after 5 years being friend and know each other. that man ask the girl to be his wife. the lady say yes. after 9 years waiting, they get their first child. Me!! hehe. they not giving up after the first miscarriage. i love them.

28 may 2011

starting 12 noon until 3.55 is the best day ever. even though the night before, my father said no. and i still wanna go w him. ;) my mom at first doesn't really approve. hehe. but i stuck up their butt, and they say yes. i full- fill they promises i made to them, they not mad at me. even my dad.

long story short.

this years is the best year ever. i don't even know why. even though we had the roughest time ever, we still have each other. now i know, i can believe in him trust him. what do towards him is the bad-ass i have ever done to someone. 
making him to cry! that's the first. haha. i know. and sometimes i do realize that im not match to him. hey, im a bad-ass girl. he such like good boy kindda guy. GOOD BOY sangat ke? 

p/s : i kissed my cousinat the cheek  for the first time. i celebrate my birthday. and also, i still have the people that i care much. for those wishes, thanks a lot. i know i'm getting old. but, i'm still cute though. haha. :P