Saturday, July 2

when ever people say that you love them, you just have to choose. choose between if you trust them or not. both  having their own risks. if you trust them, you get your heart broken. but there gonna be your new adventure. why? well, you get dump, you being fooled and everything. about not trusting them, they you a shit-face. admit it. to trust someone really takes time. i know. but some people, no. its a big no to them. you have to trust them. did i mentioned HAVE? you have to trust them. if not they'll say you a jerk. haha. nehh. as for me, what i like about this whole thing love. its fun when you get your own guardian angle. it hurts when they make you cry. every moment i will cherish, every sad moment i hate. the loneliness is fill, i'm happy. that's my happy story. nGee~