Thursday, July 7


hello people! i just found out that the girl we use to fight about, he got feeling's towards her. that's why he worried when the girl enter somebody group. fuck you. haha. what's the story behind the title are i use to smoke that's why i shisha. using shisha i stop smoking. why? there's a night when my cousin bring us to wp, i spon shisha. he just drive. haha. i was so dumb i smoke and also shisha. stupid right. and then, i came back home, i puke. it's really disgusting.yuukk! 

i start to smoke when i was in form 2 i guess. i smoke and i stop and i smoke again. for that time, i really couldn't stop. until i was in form 4. form 4, my friend introduce me to shisha. since then, i shisha jak. smoke? no. rarely touch. i smoke because in form 2 i was so CULTURE SHOCKED and i mess up. my name is every where in my school. really bad. i didn't school for about a month i think. i was so ashamed. form 2 i stop escaping class. and in form 3, my smoking habit is become worst. i couldn't stop. for me, smoking really bad for me and the others. i can't prevent the others to smoke while i used to smoke. for short, if i got prob i smoke. but, it was the old me. 

the new me, shisha? sometimes. smoke? no. yeay for me. but the bad inside me is PENDENDAM. sometimes i keep quiet and daydream, i think of something that really making me cry. the person that i need is my close grandma. but, she passed away when i still young. until now, if i see her grave even talking about her, i still cry. besides my mom, the person that i trust is my grandma. 

my trust and my hopes towards someone is really hesitate. means that, i don't know if i'm giving the trust and hope they keep it real. i smile because wanna look happy. not sad. every smile got a thousands meanings love.