Thursday, July 14

love for me is like you drink a glass of wine or other alcohol. when your first time drinking that stuff, u feel like bitter and hot at your throat. but when you really use to drink that stuff, you become some kind of addicted i guess and also that bitter hot at your throat gone. well, you realize it or not to learn about getting through this life you have to do some mistake. not really huge kind of mistake, just mistake people usually have. culture shock. when you use to your life that is hard and some times you like giving up on your life and you feels like nothing can change your mind. actually, to learn about life you have to be part of it. you have to cry, scream, cursed and whatever stuff. it is not a must thing to do, but occasionally you will. example for me. i had being through a rough time in my school and at home. nearly being slap by own father because of someone tell bad stuff about me. when i flash back about it, all you can do is smile. what i can do about my love life is smile and enjoy with whoever i'm being with. giving my trust to tell story about me is very hard. i cry because of my mistake, i laugh because of it, i smile because i know what did is so stupid and dumb. look, you can escape all those mistake but you don't know what's coming next. what comes around goes around. what i did to those boys i ever known, i'm sorry. i'm sorry i cheat behind your back. i'm sorry i lied. and also thanks for being part of it. i can tell story from my experience and what i had learn from it. for this year, i got awangku haziq asyraf. hope he is the one. you just have to take that risk whether you like it or not. ;)