Friday, August 19


sometimes when you feel like even though you just in a relationship for one month, you feels like 'ugh! sayang bena ku eh!' stuff like that is now how i feel towards him. i love him and my words sometimes crap. i don't know why or what the heck happening that evening. i just cried. hahaha. look, crying over past means that i flash back the time i was cheating behind you. and i know it's my mistake. i promise i won't do it again. but, i just scared. if, just if, only if . the moment i step out off the school property, then our relationship is over. i just scared that what goes around comes back around. for now, what i know is that i love you. i don't why or what you did to me. i really don't. it just, being with you is so much fun. like too much fun the feeling getting stronger and the negative thought gonna take over. whenever i think about it tear drops. i just don't know how to handle it the feeling getting much much stronger and problem step in. ugh! i know it's a stupid thing to think. it just, when i look your face the flash back step in. ugh! HAMSTER! perlu ka time tok. bongok x abis abis. bengong ba. jeez! --' i'm not ready to let you go yet. it just, not about the age. or maybe it is. malas mok pike gik. makin d pike, mok ngis. gik tgah tulis tok ndah asa nak nangis! haish. pelik pelik olah. humph! what past let it stay pass. i always say that but truthfully and honestly being w you is so much fun and the feeling  is getting too much strong. it just too much. i love being w you i love you. childish. ;(