Monday, August 8


i heard a lot from other student about the school. not just my school but every where school. i wrote this not to humiliate the teachers or the government. what i wrote is what i heard. from what i know, a student accidentally sleeping during her/his class. BUT, there's a but; there's others sleeping with a first warning. the teacher warned this student only once. how the teacher wake this student up? maybe the teacher hit the student head making this student migrain. hey, getting migrain is very serious, it effect the brain. let's go to the point. the teacher ask this particular student to met her/him at the wannabe P-R-I-N-C-I-P-A-L. so, the student went to the wannabe office. the teacher, as a educator they should be like more honest and not so picking when it comes to student with different races, right. so, the teacher made up story to the wannabe saying that she/he gave this student 3 times warning which is never in the student history. yea, the student got the first warning. only first. why only this particular student went to the office while there's others sleeping beside this student. the weirdest thing is, because of this student sleeping and the teacher made-up-story, the student gonna be expelled. first time in my history i heard if student sleeping in the class must be expelled from the school. i was like, RIGHT. they must be joking. but no. i'm sorry to say this but if there's no educator the student gonna be so stupid, right? but how, the student is already stupid mix with stupid teacher? WE MUST BE SO DUMB having such kind of educator. there's a song directly to teachers tell us to appreciate them. how we student thank some teacher that really don't respect us and how you want the student to learn if some teachers seems like to be racist. the government and the prime minister really want the next generation be intelligent and genius also giving the next generation a high hope. actually, the principal didn't act like some teachers acting the school is in their hand and they can easily made up rules. some teachers is very good and this particular teachers should be the one that student thanks for being such good educator. and the other, just the name. if scale 1-10 for the teachers in the school. i give 1. why? only a few teachers that really treat the student well. A FEW actually. not all. some teacher racist, some teacher just take the name, some teacher is so proud to be like an educator like so whatever. even though i'm only 17, i see the world through teachers actually. if i only lived with the teachers, some are spoil brat some just don't care about the student and only think about the payment they got. sometimes, some teachers is acting way more worst than the student can ever think of. the student bad-ass, people out there can see. but when it came about teachers, no one know and blame it on the students.