Friday, July 29


when you love some, when you hug someone that you really love. you just wanna hold it forever and not letting him go. but the fact it, the more you wanted him to stay. he actually gonna leave you. say goodbye to him or her is the hardest part when you know he once to be yours. you can say that he's yours forever with a smile on your face. now, even smile and say your name is the painful thing to do. when you know, he is not yours and what came out from our month only for a moment. for now, giving my love back to someone that i really love. i wondered if the love will last. even you hug him it still nothing. anything else, i'm sorry i make you cry. i'm sorry make all the tears drop. when you really love someone, sometimes even though it really pain in the ass to do. you just have to let him or her go. if you really do love someone, sacrifice your love for their happiness. the hardest fact is when you know and it is reality we are not good enough to be with someone we care. nothing gonna work out even you tried badly. i'm glad you are now happier than before.