Monday, July 25


well, usually people sees me like i'm some kind bad teenage bad-ass attitude. i was like, huh? do you even know me before you even say such words? let me just say, you have been teaching for many years now? i know its your job to teach people. but don't you dare to humiliate me in front of people. since today. i lost my respect towards you teacher. you have words, but you didn't know where to use it. let me teach you how. if your really care about us student, don't humiliate me. i don't freaking care what you wanna think. you a teacher am i right? ustat prebet. pfffttt. look. if you really do care, if you wanna advice me. talk to me face to face alone-ah. understand teacher? i know its your job. but why me you really cared the most. as if i'm the only girl that smoke. why you x tego the others and humiliate them? why it must be me? look teacher, if you really wanna advice me, ask me what the heck is my problem with the smokes. first of all, i got many problem on my shoulder and i don't wanna ask anymore problem. i had enough teacher. second, everyone around me s-moke-ah. the people in the class will underestimate me and i can't handle with the pressure. the symptoms i had is i always get this i don't know what. wanna be heart attack i guess. haha. look, i don't care about my health thats why i smoke i stop for now. if something gets in my way, i start again. something like you teacher. thanks for the info. i'm shorter that the others because its me not because of the smoking habit.