Thursday, July 21


it's a war! i declare a war between us. haha. i'm just kidding dude. look, i know you are fan of my blog. *perasan. if you are reading this, read this slowly. i done and i had enough with you attitude. who the fuck you are to sell me out. fuck you la. you, first of all. i already ask for forgiveness and this is how you repay me back. you do you think you are? GOD? fuck. use the fucking brain to think. think what have you done shit face. i'm here keep myself quite not to tell sell you out while you wao! you are having fun take a revenge on my huh? read this slowly mister. i don't care who the fuck you are. my friend's friend, all i want is stop selling me out dude. i had enough of you. i know, it's all from my mistake. and i know, it really sucks to be in your place. dude, you ain't that desperate. you haven't done anything that may regret you yet. get a life. when people giving advice to you, accept it learn it, love it like it and most important is LIVE WITH IT. don't just nod. hear from both sides then you have your guts chance to have a voice. don't just blew it up. who do you think you are? because of last mistake, you wanna take a revenge on me. look dude, do anyhow, whatever you want. i won't stop haunting you unless you stop selling my dignity around. shit-face. the main thing is, G-E-T-A-L-I-F-E! i'm having one here. people with a scar can start a new life. it just a beginning dude. how if you that the rough-nest time your had never think of. dude, people that drink won't telling around that you are drinker. even me, i  had one shot alcoholic drink. do you see me telling people around that me used to drink. no right. so, stop being someone else and just be your fucking self. you better side. people can change dude. you just have to choose between you wanna be some bad-ass guy or a good guy. think before you say, think before you selling me out. i'm running out of my freaking patient here. halloo! stop pretending. even i know you for a while. i know people that your friend see everyday is not the real you. the real you isn't like this. i'm sorry again. stop and live a life start a journey.