Tuesday, July 19

hard to believe, it's a fact.

i read my blog that i wrote about you. i wrote ' i will cherish every moment and bla2' right. it just stayed there. i remembered one little thing. don't even talk about sin when you do one. don't talk about religion when you not sure about shit ijan. you say cousins can marry each other, fuck you la. look, if i'm that desperate, i won't looking for you shit face. jeez, about religion you just think la. not with the book. and only fact we learn through book. even my agama sucks, i can think la. i do what the hell i want, i write what ever i like. read my title shit face. MY STORY, MY LIFE. you are not the one that i'm depending to. sucks for you. you can't control me. haha. DON'T YOU EVEN TALK ABOUT RELIGION OR SIN when you don't know shit. penuh kan ilmu d dada dlok k encik abang. papai L O S E R!