Tuesday, July 19

tuesday, 19.05.2011.  almost the happiest day ever and only one ruined my perfect day with my friends. you know how if people that you know seems like trying to get away or like avoiding form seeing  you. at the end, you grieving and flash back what you had done to that particular person. well today, i wanna talk about this person this evening. it sucks when the early morning he treats you very well and at the afternoon he seems different. i ask him to join us hanging with us, he just say he not use hanging with us? i was like, whatever lah. kecik hati la nak? people dah bawak u lepak, then u gik pdh x biasa lepak d lua. we ur friends am i right? then suddenly nya pdh gia. at that time, kecik hati brabis nangis pun ada time. nvmn la. chill jak la. mbak besabar kata org. hehe. until when? haish. xda mood lalu kakya. pening palak gik, olah nya gik. --' standard la people treat you that way.