Tuesday, November 29


Who doesn't miss their ex's? I do and i admit. Hard for me to let him go. I've tried everything. I even mess him get into a fight with him. Well, it didn't work aren't they. F*ck! How he do that? Easy to forget me? Jeez! All the words he says, all the promised? GODDAMN IT! God, he's good. F*ck! He's young and dumb. Kidding. Look, when i being left alone let me be by myself. I cried alone. Every smile got their own story. Every tears drop got their own reason. Every laugh got their own fun. Every thing happens for a reason. But it's just so fast. HAHAHAH I know. I'm dumb. 

On 22 November 2011, i know him since i don't know when. And seriously i only heard about him from my sister. hihihihi He like close to my sister end up with me. Sort of kind of. I sort of have this huge crush on him. Maybe he know or don't know, but it's hard to believe i fall for him. He's getting more, i don't know what else to say. I miss hanging out with him tho. Who's he? Let it be my little secret. Alright?