Friday, February 17


Well, to be exact. Something wrong. Really wrong. First, with my nasir. Yea, i know. I thought he's my everything but no. He just simply left and like seriously, it hurts. It kills me. And this one boy, i thought he's my friend. I open up to him. I tell him the truth but lately, no. Everything gone. No nothing. It just blur. And fixie, i thought having this activity everybody will get around. And like being friends even though we doesn't know them. I just like, i hope too much. I think. What pass just let it pass isn't it? Yea, whatever. And to be honest, something wrong with me. My flu, my cough and other sickness. hahahaha Still sick. I don't know what wrong. yea, real friend stay but the fake one. Hard to tell. I keep that in mind. I rather be like snobbish and arrogant type of attitude. But, the real me, i'm shy but i love being around with friends. It feels like we being needed. Damn~ hahaha like freakishly weird way. lalala~ whatever. I do what i want, i act the way i am. Don't try to change me. But when somebody like giving me advice bout that and those, i tried to do it. But please don't like fuck back stab. Seriously. If you don't like the way i am, speak straight to my face. Seriously, I don't give a damn bout how stupid i act or stupid words that came out from my mouth. I don't care. As long you get the message i try to give, then. It's cool. (Y) aite?